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A journey of wellness with all five senses
Tour Designers Inc.


Okinawa is one of the world's five most longevity regions, known as the Blue Zone.
Okinawa also has its own secrets to health and longevity that are unique to this place, born from its unique climate and culture.
Inspired by this, we have developed a new form of wellness called "Okinawan Wellness" to help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life.
Come experience Okinawan wellness with us.
After your trip, your life may be transformed into something richer and more fulfilling.


Tour Designers tailormade tour to experience with all five senses

Okinawa is known for its rich natural environment, including beautiful ocean with coral reefs and forests that are home to precious endemic plant and animal species.
In addition, there are many ""encounters"" waiting for you that you can only experience here, such as the kindness and warmth of the people nurtured through various experiences during the Ryukyu Kingdom period and the Battle of Okinawa, as well as a unique culture and history different from those of other areas in Japan.


Revitalize the Local Community through Tourism.

Like many cities around the world, Okinawa faces a variety of social issues, such as child poverty and gender equality.
We hope of using the power of tourism to address the social issues facing Okinawa and help revitalize the local communities.


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