Tour Designers Inc.


Aiming to
Revitalize the Local Community
through Tourism

We aim to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy through the means of tourism.
Having been involved in Okinawa's tourism industry as National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter, I felt that the leading industry in Okinawa is tourism. However, not many Okinawans benefit from the tourism industry. Like many cities around the world, Okinawa faces many social problems such as child poverty and gender equality. I wanted to create a society where all Okinawans can benefit from tourism.

We founded Tour Designers Inc. in September 2021 with the hope of using the power of tourism to address the social issues facing Okinawa and help revitalize the local communities. We aim to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy through the means of tourism.

Through cultural experiences and exchange programs by foreign tourists, we aim to promote activities to create a gender-equal society and sound upbringing of children, support and protect local traditional performing arts, preserve the environment and create a sustainable community, and realize local economic revitalization.
We would like to make gradual progress by inviting housewives (househusbands), local elderly people, and others who have not had much to do with tourism in the past to serve as guides, and participating the tour by guests to preserve the natural environment and traditional culture.

Thoughts behind
the company logo

Our company logo is a dreamy fruit tree with various kinds of fruits growing on one tree. These fruits represent the smiling faces of each resident of Okinawa, the local culture and history, each one of our guests who participate in our tours, and people who work with us to design the tours. It is our wish that each one of people in Okinawa will benefit from tourism, and that many people will be able to use their individuality to interact with society.

Dear Local Residents

When we talk with local residents, we often hear, "We have nothing to introduce to tourists when they come to our area." We definitely believe that the smiling faces of local residents, the local community that they love and cherish, are what attracts people to your area. Alleys filled with the laughter of children, strong sugar cane fields, nutritious crops grown in the sun and sea breezes, the shallow sea that brings bounty, and the bonds between people. Shall you add some story to your thoughts and precious treasures. Let us help revitalize the local economy together so that 100 or more years from now, your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will continue to protect your beloved hometown and its treasures.


Dear Valued Customer,

If your idea of a trip to Okinawa is white sand beaches, blue ocean, delicious Okinawan cuisine and awamori (traditional Okinawan distilled alcohol beverage), driving around with beautiful scenery, taking pictures, etc., then perhaps the tours we offer are a little different from what you imagine. We are designing tours that will help revitalize the local economy through tourism in order to pass on the culture, history, and smiles that the Okinawan people have carefully preserved for the next 100 years. We have a culture that we can protect by inviting you to participate in our tours. There are smiles to be protected. We are designing tours that will help you to incorporate the insights you gain from the tours into your daily lives, and to remember the smiles you had in Okinawa sometimes. We wholeheartedly design such tours one by one.